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Who we are

    Horizons Adult Day Care came about after 18 years of our family owned and operated Assisted Living Facility. Since 2005 we have dedicated ourselves to the wellbeing of seniors in our community. Having an Assisted Living Facility for so long provided us with extraordinary experience in the field of care for our elders.

     It also shined a light into an area of senior care that is underserved.That being, seniors that are in a period of transition. They are not ready for Assisted Living but don't want to be alone at home each day without a routine of activities to do. Seeing such a great need we decided that Horizons Adult Day Care would provide a wonderful opportunity to continue to expand what we have done with great pride over the last years; providing another avenue of service for elders in our community. Here at Horizons just like at our ALF our staff is bilingual and certified to meet  the needs of your loved ones. We hope that you can pay us a visit soon and see how we can help bring the best days to those you care the most about. Become a part of the Horizons Family. 


   We designed a streamlined pricing system that fits most of our members' needs. We are very proud of offering the lowest rates in the County for a full day of Day Care Services without compromising the quality of care. And we are also open to work one on one on designing a plan that works best for specific needs on an individual.


For full time members assisting from Monday to Friday


For members assisting at least three days a week


For members in need of random days every week. Discounts will still apply when meeting assistance criteria 

Free Day

Email us your information and we will schedule a free day of services with no commitment

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